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Stay home and stay safe but if you must go out make sure you stay protected. Check out our protection supplies to help you and your family stay protected.


iCare Health Masks

3-Ply Protective Breathable Disposable Earloop Facial Safeguard

  • Face Mask with Filter
  • Odorless
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin

Masks are 50 pieces per box, disposable, and fits well on the face; loose strings cover from the chin to the nose. Designed as protection against droplets, dust particles, and germs or viruses. With the right use and disposal, you can protect yourself and others from potential viral infections. 

Blue Industrial Nitrile Gloves

  • Allergy Safe
  • Durable
  • Comfortable even on prolonged usage.

Superior strength for long-lasting wear. Resistant to punctures, tears, rips, citrus oils, fatty meats, and mild irritants.

CE Approved. Our nitrile gloves have been manufactured to EEA standards, and are used in various medical institutions.

Full Face shield
Gel Hand Sanitizer Icare

Hand Sanitizer Gel and Liquid. FDA Approved and USA Manufactured.

  • 70% Alcohol-based
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Contains Moisturizing Ingredients

Hand Sanitizers are your best defense to protect your skin when hand washing is not possible. Bring some of it wherever you go for easy sanitizing anywhere and anytime without any hassle.


Why iCare Health Supplies

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iCare Health Supplies aims to provide needed essentials as quickly as possible and with guaranteed quality.

Organizers of the iCare Health Supplies have been in the business of health care specifically on cancer research. For a long time, they had it in their minds to setup up a platform that offers health and medical supplies to institutions. And finally, this 2020 during the breakout of the Covid Pandemic the plan came to reality.  Not to take advantage of the crisis but to help provide solutions to the demand for medical supplies. It is our hope that through iCare Health Supplies, we can help our front-liners with their protection needs as well as reach out to medical institutions and provide medical supplies real quick and at a reasonable price.

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